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St. Bartholomew's: The Authors

smutty plot, plotty smut

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Non Sibi Sed Scholae

Hello all st_bartholomews authors! Plotting difficulties? Characterisation queries? Just want to squee excitedly to your fellow creators? Here is your central location for all such eventualities!

This is the place to let us know if your post will be unavoidably late; share updated contact info; hand out those pretty St. Bartholomew's-related icons that I know you'll be making/borrowing/bribing others to make for us.

All posts to this comm must be friendslocked.

As usual, your friendly mods, Mouse* and Sine, are here to help resolve problems, particularly between players, or if RL is getting in the way. Please don't hesitate to drop us an email, bing us on Y!M, or comment in our personal LJs; the same goes between players. Useful contact info is below.

Let's keep up communication, so the game can run smoothly. After all, it's for the bally old school, what?


Mouse*: truly_bohemian, mouse-kenobijinn@lycos.co.uk, Y!M: bohemian_celtic
Sine: sine_que_non767, sine_que_non767@yahoo.co.uk, Y!M: sine_que_non767